Teter Airfield

About Us

The Teter Airfield began as a private airfield for a local flyer, but with time and expense...it became clear to Ron Carpenter and friends that they had their hands on a diamond in the rough...and others may want to use the airfield for their flying enjoyment.  We noticed that there was a thriving interest in the hobby, yet the area did not have a family friendly place for flyers to enjoy, including budding young pilots and children, were not aware of exhibits, performances, and educational opportunities. We realized that unifying efforts could bring the hobby to our area in a productive and inspiring way. We believe that an airfield such as the Teter Airfield would improve the quality of enjoyment of the hobby for the flyer and their families.

A Letter To The Parents:
If you would like to get your children away from those VIDEO GAMES bring them out and let them experience a hobby that is very educational and will give them great motor skills. We have created volunteers to aid in helping anyone enjoy the hobby to its fullest at the Teter Airfield. Young and old can realize their dream flying without leaving the ground.  The Teter Airfield wants to provide a communal presence to help local families thrive, and unlock the dream of flying for everyone interested in our hobby.

One can get started in this great hobby for about $100 dollars. That's not too bad when you consider the Thousand's that are spent on 4-wheelers and other toys used for nothing but having fun. The hobby has something for everyone.

We will conduct classes and demonstrations for Church Groups, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4-H Clubs or anyone that wants to schedule a weekend of Hands on FUN.

We fly Airplanes, Helicopters and RC Sky Divers. 

The Teter Airfield is always looking for new Flyers to share in our hobby. Visit or Contact us if you are interested in flying at our field or just wanting to watch.

Come by and enjoy the day!


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